Third Time Lucky

Q: So what went wrong with the first two attempts Connor?
A: Well, with a title like Connor Kinsella’s Mental Health Blog, it was a bit limited in scope. And a bit boring. And my mate defiled version two by calling me ‘dude’ and asking when we were next going to play tennis.
Q: So mates are banned from commenting and you have a wider brief this time around?
A: If I think of stuff that can be written down, is a) interesting b) amusing or c) just plain daft, it might end up on here. And I’ve written or co-written real books in the real world so hoppefully this will be more than just ego masturbation.
Q: Er, ego what?
A: Don’t worry. The spellchecker won’t pick it up anyway.
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With Connor Kinsella: Lead Trainer, JCK Training