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Care of Older People and Challenging Behaviour

This course covers a wide variety of key aspects when working with older people presenting challenging behaviours which may be harmful to themselves or others.

The course is underpinned by a Toolkit of skills which care workers can use to identify and define problem behaviours, plan short and long term interventions to minimise the harm caused, and assess the cause of challenging behaviours.


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More about Care of Older People and Challenging Behaviour

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The course will include an overview of some of the most common factors associated with challenging elderly clients.

More obvious factors such as Alzheimer's Disease and the other dementias are often confused with the more subtle effects of Clinical Depression, a particulatly common and often missed issue in elderly care.

We also look at how environmental or biological factors play their part in aggressive or anti-social behaviour, and how we go about define whether a service users behaviour actually meets a definition of 'challenging' at all.

Whether working in domiciliary or care home settings, busy staff often feel powerless when faced with challenging behaviours, or fail to identify factors which, once identified, can be key in alleviating the distress caused to both the service user, your staff, and those around them. Delegates will come away from one of our on-site courses with new ideas, challenged attitudes and a renewed sense of being able to work with challenging behaviour, not against it.

The course can be adapted to meet the needs of delegates from a wide range of professions and roles, and fitted to the most suitable time-frame for your organisation's learning needs. In many cases we can plan training to take place around shift patterns to maximise the variety of staff who can benefit.


Care of Older People and Challenging Behaviour is a highly flexible programme that can be delivered as one of our Bite Size Courses, perhaps at your place of work. We can also deliver a Train the Trainer programme and Training Packs for this subject area.

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Learning Objectives

During the course we’ll be enabling delegates to:

  1. Clarify the real-world meaning of behaviours that are 'challenging', 'difficult' or 'anti-social'

  2. Define what we mean by 'challenging' within the context of our own workplace environment

  3. Create action/care/support plans which promote 24-hour consistency in our approach to older service users

  4. Evaluate and summarise the progress of our plans

  5. Identify a Toolkit for ourselves and colleagues to help support aggressive, threatening or anti-social older people

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