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Dementia and Challenging Behaviour

Designed and facilitated by trainers with extensive experience in the field, our Dementia and Challenging Behaviour programme utilises small group discussions, presentations (both trainer and delegate-led), multi-media resources and role play to meet our learning objectives.

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More about Dementia and Challenging Behaviour

Small Group

Verbal aggression, threats and even assaults are an increasingly common part of working with elderly people in residential, nursing home or domiciliary care.

As the elderly population increases and NHS beds diminish, a growing number of people with dementia are receiving care either in shared accommodation or at home.

Diagnoses such as Alzheimers Disease certainly do not cause aggression toward staff or other residents, but combined with other factors dementia can be a contributory factor toward what is a growing number of untoward and sometimes serious incidents.


We can provide training or training services designed specifically for care providers in this sector. We encourage delegates to look at the 'How' and 'Why' of challenging behaviour, and encourage care staff to look at areas such as interpersonal communication skills, environmental factors and the often hidden causes such as pain or discomfort which sometimes manifest as aggression or threats.

We take a look at how challenging behaviour can impact care workers, and how staff groups can work together with residents or service users to manage challenging behaviour safely and compassionately without resorting to physical restraint or excessive amounts of PRN medication.

At the core of the course is our unique CAPE (Clarifying, Assessing, Planning, Evaluating) approach to addressing challenging behaviour which together with our exclusive Toolkit represents a consistent, client-focussed approach to seemingly intratable problems.

Dementia and Challenging Behaviour can be delivered as a one-day in house course for delegates requiring more intensive training, but can also be run as one of our Bite Size Courses at any venue of your choice including workplaces. We can also deliver a Train the Trainer programme and Training Packs for this subject area.

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Learning Objectives

During the course we’ll be enabling delegates to:

  1. Clarify the real-world meaning of behaviours that are 'challenging', 'difficult' or anti-social'

  2. Devise plans of care which provide a consistent approach to persistent aggression or difficult behaviour

  3. Demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills for working with challenging older people with a dementia diagnosis

  4. Discuss the potential vulnerability of elderly people in care and the protective arrangements to help both staff and clients

  5. Identify new and existing skills (The Toolkit) used by ourselves and colleagues when supporting challenging service users

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