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The Mental Health of Older People

Based on our highly successful BTEC Award Care of the Older Person with Mental Health Problems, this is an abridged version of the content from that course.

The Mental Health of Older People looks at the major functional and organic mental health disorders affecting the over-65s and is particularly suitable for care staff working in either residential or domicilliary care.


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More about The Mental Health of Older People

Small Group

Most of us working with older people may well be familiar with the dementias.

Diagnoses such as Alzheimers Disease or Vascular Dementia are reasonably well known and associated with older people, but functional disorders such as Clinical Anxiety and Depression are extremely common in the older age group and yet often go unrecognised,undiagnosed and of course untreated.

Numerous studies have demonstrated how older people in residential care are at particular risk of Depression and Anxiety, but as symptoms can be difficult to identify and easily confused with dementia, recognition and treatment often remains elusive.


The Mental Health of Older People is a highly flexible training programme that demonstrates the basics of symptom recognition for care staff, particularly where service users are unable to articulate their emotions or where irritation and anger are seen as 'challenging behaviours' rather than signs of functional mental disorder. We also look at how mental health professionals and Primary Care staff such as GPs will work to further diagnose functional mental disorders and, if appropriate, arrange for suitable pharmacological or psychological support.

The Mental Health of Older People is a highly flexible programme that can be delivered as one of our Bite Size Courses, perhaps at your place of work. We can also deliver a Train the Trainer programme and Training Packs for this subject area.

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Learning Objectives

We’ll be enabling delegates to:

  1. Recognise signs and symptoms of Clinical Depression and Anxiety

  2. Determine the similarities and differences between Clinical Depression, Anxiety and Dementia

  3. Recognise the pharmacological and psychological treatments for the above

  4. Make appropriate and informed referrals to GPs and Community Mental Health professionals

  5. Outline key interpersonal skills when working with older people experiencing mental health problems

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