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What is Personality Disorder?

As perhaps the most mysterious and misunderstood of all psychiatric terminologies it is little wonder that Personality Disorder (PD) is one of our most sought-after subject areas.

This is a short, intensive programme featuring lively discussion and debate, small group exercises, video clips and real-world case studies to address the question from various points of view.

We look at PD from the particular point of view of social and mental health care workers, and examine how the textbook aspects of PD might manifest in the real worlds of supported housing or in-patient mental health care.


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More about What is Personality Disorder?

Small Group Personality Disorder (PD) is a controversial diagnosis which some believe is little more than a medicalisation of eccentricity. Others take issue with the diagnostic subjectivity of observing behaviours and personality traits rather than symptoms.

On the other hand, what we now recognise as PD has been quite accurately described by scholars throughout history, and has been part of both international diagnostic systems for many years.

Anti social, Borderline and Narcissistic Personality Disorders are perhaps the most familiar terminologies, but there are a number of others described in, for example, the DSM-V Cluster System. Most of those who have a Personality Disorder will never receive a formal diagnosis but by default will have profound difficulties relating to others or making their way through life without causing upset or harm.

Many will be serving prison sentences or living on the margins of society, but others will use their attributes toward success in, for example, politics or business.


What is Personality Disorder is best delivered as a one-day in house course for delegates requiring more intensive training, but can also be run as one of our Bite Size Courses. We can also deliver a Train the Trainer programme and Training Packs for this subject area.

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Learning Objectives

During the course we’ll be enabling delegates to:

  1. Define the practical, medical and social meanings of Personality Disorder

  2. Describe the 'cluster system' of Personality Disorders and some of the more common diagnoses such as Anti Social and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  3. Understand how Personality Disorder may affect individuals and groups within a social care or in-patient setting

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