Training Small Group Exercise

Risk and Mental Health


Working with risk is an essential part of mental health care. From secure in-patient environments to floating support in a service users own home, untoward events can and do happen. While we can almost never completely eradicate the potential for disaster, skilled risk work and robust policies and procedures ensure that awful events will happen rarely and with the least possible impact. Furthermore, risk skills can significantly enhance high-quality care planning and quality of life for both service user and those around him or her.

Unfortunately, a growing tide of homicide inquiries and untoward incident reports tells us that sometimes risk work is done either poorly or even not at all. Among several common themes identified by inquiries and reports such as these is a lack of appropriate risk training for mental health workers. Risk and Mental Health is our tailor-made and highly flexible response to this need for providers of mental health care and support.

We design a training programme tailored to the specific needs of provider organisations and will use (where possible) actual policies, procedures and documentation to combine best practice and research evidence with local conditions, working practice and client need. We use real-world case studies and news stories to identify a three-stage risk process: Assessment, Formulation and Management.

We will also identify a Toolkit of skills that mental health workers can use in day-to-day work with service users, and encourage the basics of good communication and iner-agency co-operation as the fundamentals of preventing violence, suicide and other potentially disastrous events that can befall mental health service users and the people around them.

Risk and Mental Health is an intensive subject and is best delivered as a one-day in house course, but can also be run as one of our Bite Size Courses. We can also deliver a Train the Trainer programme and Training Packs for this subject area, which is particulary suitable for delivery by an organisation's own experienced managers and practitioners.

Learning Objectives

During the course we’ll be enabling delegates to:

  1. Define the real-world meaning of terminologies such as 'risk', 'risk factor' 'hazard' and 'untoward event'

  2. Describe the meaning and potenial impact of untoward events such as violence, suicide and self-neglect

  3. Outline how risk factors may Predispose, Perpetuate or Protect (The '3 P's)

  4. Create action/care/support plans which promote both safety and quality of life

  5. Identify new and existing skills (The Toolkit) used by ourselves and colleagues when working with risk and mental health

The training is particularly suitable for those working on a medium to long-term basis with people with mental health problems. We can deliver this course on-site or at any suitable venue and can accomodate up to 25 delegates, who will each receive a Certificate of Attendance, Course Book and full training materials. If you would like further information on the In House Training, Bite Size Course, Train the Trainer programme or Training Pack, please call us on 0208 133 9458 or email us for further details and a no-obligation quotation.