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Bite-Size Courses: Health and Social Care

We pride ourselves on the quality of training and consultancy services we've provided to our clients over the last fifteen years. But as costs increase and training budgets dwindle we're now working with health and social care providers to find alternative means of delivering high-quality training to front-line staff throughout the UK.

Many of our key topics can now be delivered in short 'Bite Size' chunks. And not just in the traditional training venue or classroom. Our trainers can come to your places of work. Your area office, your ward, your supported accommodation, your care home. In fact anywhere that is convenient and can accomodate a small (or for that matter, large) group. We can work with groups of twenty-five or two.

We can deliver training over the course of a morning or afternoon, or even in that quiet period half way through the shift.

No, we're not promising the same depth of learning delivered through one of our traditional one or two day courses. But with budgets dwindling and resources ever more scarce, we believe in pragmatic solutions. Solutions that meet the needs of both staff and service users in the most flexible, affordable way possible.

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5 Good Reasons for Bite Size

Small Group
  1. Most (but not all) of our subject areas can be covered in Bite Size form

  2. You decide what to leave out, and what to leave in. We only have a few hours!

  3. We can train large numbers of delegates in short sessions spread over one or two days at a venue convenient to them

  4. Bite Size flexibility is ideal for smaller organisations where staff resources are at a particular premium

  5. Delivering training on the 'shop floor' can greatly enhance the 'training-to-practise' experience

And the Small Print?

For more information, advice or just a chat about the range of options we offer, use the form below, send us an email, or give us a call. We'd be glad to help!

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